merokimu: (Default)
2017-04-23 08:24 pm


Everyone around me, keeps on asking me why i didn't do anything with my life and why i'm not having a secure job. they keep on asking as if they didn't see this huge four wheels i'm on!! Isn't it obvious my wheelchair the main reason for that?

They must be living in fantasy to think that employers would love to hire someone who always need constant checkup and care. i know because I've been to the interview session.

i don't know why the people around me keep asking stupid questions. do they envy my idle life? do they think that i have an easy, peaceful life? Guess what, i don't. i'm trapped on my chair, inside my parents house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I dont go out, i dont socialize with people, i just dont. how can they envy such a life?